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What Is Pipe And Drape?

Pipe and drape are composed of uprights, bases, crossbars and fabric drapes. Uprights are usually manufactured from aluminum that is usually lightweight but compact-resist. Uprights and bases are connected to make the structure stand up. Bases are usually made from steel that keep the whole structure stable. The weight of base varies a lot ranging from 6 to 62 lb according to real needs. Fabric drapes are usually made from flame resistant material. They are usually supported by crossbars which can slip into the rod pockets in the drapes. At each end of the crossbars, a hook is used to fix onto the slots of the uprights. Thus a whole structure is finished. Pipe and drape systems are now widely employed in expo and exhibitions, sports, performance and other activities and ceremonies. This is because these movable backdrops are not only easy to install and transport, but also available in different colors and sizes for various occasions. These products, in addition, can also help users save a lot of money when they have to divide a space or make certain decorations.Pipe & Drape for sale in uk,canada,california,los angeles,chicago.

Pipe and Drape System

Ues Pipe and Drape wholesale
Pipe and Drape wholesale - Parts

Uprights, bases, crossbars, pin& screw are the main parts of a set of pipe and drape kits. They can be organically integrated.

Pipe and Drape wholesale - Backdrops

The whole system is finished when the drapes are hanged. Almost all materials used for draperies are flame resistant. Some of the most widely used materials include banjo, velour, poly premier, satin and all others.

Pipe and Drape wholesale - Kits

A whole system is usually called pipe and drape kits. For customers in different needs, we have the most desirable solutions, no matter what the sizes, colors, or styles you need. The most widely used materials include banjo, velour, poly premier, satin and all others.

Pipe and Drape wholesale - Package

Many pipe and drapes systems we sold are usually called package. We will never let you down now matter how much you need. You can always find what you like whether they are standard products or custom manufactured items.

Why are pipe and drape so popular?

1. Pipe and drape is time and money saving!
For people who often hold events, pipe and drape are essential, especially when they are displayed in different colors. Of course, different occasions need different atmospheres. For example, white and other nicely colored drapes are ideal options for wedding. Of course, users can save a lot of money if they just change the draperies and the hardware is still kept. And the whole installation and dismantlement procedures can be finished within minutes. Time and money–saving!

2. Pipe and drape makes life much better
Pipe & drape can be used as decoration and make people’s life much better. Of course, in other cases, they can also be used to attract people’s attention when they are perfectly decorated. These products are usually employed in hotel, wedding or other events that are in need of special decoration. Life is much better with them.

3. Pipe and Drape makes work so simple!
Pipe drape are composed of several simple parts, like uprights, bases, crossbars and draperies. The structure is so simple that people can learn and install them quickly. During the whole installation procedure, only a screwdriver is needed to fix the screw and pin. Just in the same way, users can dismantle them within minutes. Of course, the special design allows they can be stored in very small box or flight cases. Storage and transportation become much easier as a result.

4. Pipe and drape can be used to divide room at your willing
In some cases, pipes are not just used for decoration, but also used to divide room. This is very common in school that always has large space, but only a small one is needed. On this occasion, pipe and drape can be used to create a smaller but more vivid atmosphere.

What Can Pipe And Drape Be Used For?

Pipe and Drapes can be used in many occasions. Decoration, concealment, privacy protection, division of room , backdrops and others are some of the most typical for their employment. Pipe and drapes are widely used in pipe and drape wedding, hotels, trade show display and other occasions that require highly of decorations. If people want to conceal soemthing, pipe and drapes are also ideal options. Of course, in the shopping mall, stores or other occasions, they are used to protect people's privacy. Theatre and other occasions for performance are in need of pipe of ddrape as backdrops. Usually, each occasion may use pipe and drapes out of several reasons.
Knows more aobut the application of pipe and drapes, pleases click here.

Why Pipe and Drape for sale from RK?

About RK
Founded in 1996, RK is now one of the leading solution suppliers for pipe and drapes. Kept up with the latest market trend, RK is endeavored to provide the finest products by continuous innovation and design. We have upgraded and expanded our pipe and drape product line rapidly in recently years and have delivered our products to clients in over 30 countries for their specific occasion needs. More about RK>>

Advantages of RK’s pipe and drape
Users of pipe and drape may often encounter such awkward situation in which they do not know what to do or how to do. The uprights have two parts- the upper and the lower pipe, which are connected by the middle lock. However, the lower pipe is usually very tall. This makes installation a little bit difficult, especially when the drapes are hanged. In other cases, the length of the pipe will make transportation and storage very inconvenient.

Compared to most of our competitor’s products, RK’s can well solve the above mentioned problem. For the first time, RK has redesigned the joint lock of the commonly used pipe and drape. As shown below, Different from our competitors’ products, RK’s products have two special jointing locks, each of which can bring clients great benefits:

. adjust the height easily
. replace the parts conveniently
. reduce the length of the pipe and drape in transportation and storage

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adjustable 3-26ft wedding pipe and drape for sale
RK cheap pipe and drape for sale
Used pipe and drape wholesale from RK-manufacturers

Interested in RK’s pipe and drapes?
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