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Pipe and drape can be used as backdrop of the play. They allow players or hosts and hosts having more time to get well prepared.
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School may have wide space for any kind of activity. But sometimes a smaller room is temporarily needed, just like to divide rooms in the playground. Pipe and drape are usually the best options.
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Exhibition Hall

Exhibition and expos are usually held on a net floor in a special hall. To better divide rooms for each exhibitor, pipe and drape are necessary.
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Hotel is a place guests can enjoy comfort and freshness in tranquility. In this occasion, pipe and drape of certain styles play a great role.
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Museum is a place to display precious items. Sometimes the place must be divided to keep the exhibiting hall in order or even create a feeling of secret. Pipe and drape thus become essentials choices.
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Auditorium is the place where entertainment performances are held. The indoor echoes will doubtless cause a lot of troubles if there is wall only. To well solve this problem, pipe and drape of certain style are needed.
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Wedding is deemed as a holy event where two persons become spouse finally. In such occasion, dignity is the foremost important factor to be emphasized. Pipe and drape that can well reflect this wish are very popular.
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