Single Booth
Complete single pipe and drape trade show booth packages with every part you need to have a great looking display in minutes. Your booth package will include the bases, uprights, drape support rods, and drape panels. We make it simple to ensure that you're getting only what you need - nothing more, nothing less. We make the process of buying premium quality pipe & drape trade show booths fast, easy, and affordable.
The back section of the trade show booth is 8 feet tall, while the side sections are 3 feet tall. The width of the trade show booth is adjustable from 6 feet to 10 feet wide for easy customization based on your needs and preference. Our slip fit system makes set-up and break down a breeze! The bases include a solid steel base pin that allows the uprights to securely slip right over them in seconds. The drapes gather on the drape support rod by using the rod pockets sewn into each panel. The support rod has hooks at each end that are placed into one of the 4 slots located at the top of each upright.

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Single/Freestanding Booths
Retail Price: $172.08 
Wholesale Price: $119.11 
Single Booths Recommended
Retail Price: $168.19 
Wholesale Price: $116.63 


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