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RK pipe and drape for ceremony and reception

It is popular trend that use pipe and drape for both the ceremony and reception. RK Pipe and Drape is proud to offer a wide variety of event curtains & drapes for a variety of applications in a wedding setting.

pipe and drape for ceremony and reception

RK Pipe And Drape Wedding Kit Technical Specifications

Upright height(2 pieces): 3ft-5ft, 4ft-7ft, 5ft-8ft, 6ft-10ft, 7ft-12ft, 8ft-14ft, 9ft-16ft, 10ft-18ft, 11ft-20ft, 12ft-22ft, 13ft-24ft, 14ft-26ft
Upright height(3 pieces): 5ft-11ft, 6ft-14ft, 7ft-17ft, 8ft-20ft, 9ft-23ft
Crossbar (Floor width): 2ft-3ft, 3ft-5ft, 4ft-7ft, 5ft-8ft, 6ft-10ft, 7ft-12ft, 8ft-10ft, 8ft-14ft, 9ft-16ft
Base Plate: 420×400×5mm, 450×450×5mm, 500×500×5mm, 500×500×8mm, 450×450×10mm, 400×400×12mm
Curtains(Drape): Size and Color are Customized.

* All installation components - Pin & screw and hex key are free. Other size upright, crossbar, base plate and drapes can be customized.

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