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adding exhibit booth pipe and drape to your cart in 2017

DJs and event planners choose to build pipe and drape booths to increase both bookings and revenues! Pipe and drape booths are increasingly popular for weddings, birthday parties, and similar memorable events. Are you a DJ or a event planner? Experts think that exhibit booth pipe and drape what you should consider adding to your cart in 2017.

exhibit booth pipe and drape

Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show will be held in Guangzhou, China starting on 27th Feb, 2017. RK Pipe and Drape sincerely invites you and your representatives visit our booth, we have pipe and drape which you need. RK has all the components you need, our perfect pipe and drape system that fits your exhibit booth needs from dividing rooms to backdrop for press conferences, helps to create attractive (successful) trade show displays.

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