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RK specialize in pipe and drape wholesales

Check out our pipe and drape systems, from Bases to Uprights to Cossbars and Fabric Drapes. Simply a series events, RK Pipe and Drape, will ensure the smooth and flawless production of your event.

pipe and drape

RK specialize in pipe and drape wholesales, let's get a basic understanding of the pieces involved in pipe and drape:

1) Base Plate - Bases are usually made from steel that keep the whole structure stable. It goes underneath each upright to provide overall stability and support.
2) Uprights - Uprights are usually manufactured from aluminum, the aluminum vertical pipe the sets the height of your display. The adjustable horizontal pipe that sets the width of your display and from which the drapes are hung.
3) Crossbars/Drape Supports - Cross bars are what connect differentuprights and drapes. are divided into two types: Standard cross bars and Telescopic Drape Supports/Crossbars.
4) Fabric Drapes - The fabric that hangs from the drape support rod and completes the look of your backdrop.

We offer our pipe and drape by the piece enabling you to build the exact size you need.

Optional valances: the fabric that drapes across the top to create a valance.
Optional second Drape Support: to hang a second layer to create a visual effect.

TIP: Our Drape Support Rods are Telescopic up to 14 ft, you need only to add Drape to increase the span.

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