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let us talk about pipe and drape systems

What is the most cost effective way to hide or decorate a space temporarily? Yes, it is that using pipe and drape systems. With pipe and drape, designer can create a good, beautiful trade show booth. In fact, pipe and drape is great for these different usage like: Decoration, concealment, privacy protection, division of room...

pipe and drape backdrop
pipe and drape backdrop

People usually choose pipe and drape backdrop kits to relealizy some purpose. Pipe and drape kit refer to a whole set of pipe and drape parts (base plate, upright, crossbar and drape) - Backdrops is the most important among pipe and drape parts.

To say pipe & drape kit have all features that can be found on the parts, refer to another my article, the title "Some basic information about Pipe and drape kits" (or click the link

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