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trade show booths with custom display design

Let 's setup and make a custom exhibit booth - your own pipe and drape trade show booths. 10' to 40' Trade Show Booths‎ required pipe and drape systems (Pipe and drape for trade show booths, photo booths, and changing rooms. Portable, light weight, easy to set-up, and quick to take down. ).

pipe and drape for trade show booths
pipe and drape for trade show booths

Pipe and drape trade show booths are also easy to make. 1, Have a solid idea of the width that you are covering with pipe and drape. 2, The height that you'll need - two uprights, two bases are need. - RK Pipe and Drape has many upright sizes that determine the overall height of your display, so knowing your height requirement is very useful. Using these drape support rod hooks and the 90 degree angle slots at the top of each upright, you can continue your pipe & drape coverage.

Extra information that a basic understanding of the pieces involved in pipe and drape:
1) Uprights - the aluminum vertical pipe the sets the height of your display.
2) Bases - the steel plate that goes underneath each upright to provide overall stability and support.
3) Drape Support Rod - the adjustable horizontal pipe that sets with of your display and from which the drapes are hung.
4) Drape Panels - the fabric that hangs from the drape support rod and completes the look of your backdrop.

*It's really quite easy! Firstly, know pipe and drape components, then set-ups. Using a similar set-up to the one above.

Complete single pipe and drape trade show booth packages with every part you need to have a great looking exhibition booth in minutes. RK Trade Show Booths Services: Trade Show Display design, Custom Display Design And Production. Custom Made to Order in Shenzhen Guangzhou China!

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