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Five Steps to Set Up a Pipe and Drape System

Five Steps to set up a great pipe and drape system for any occassion necesarry :
1.  Take measure and decide the height of the pipe and drape you'll need, basically, it best be as high as the ceiling if you need to create a booth, or slightly higher than the poster if served as a banner.

2.  Usually white pipe and drape gives perfect lighting visuals, but more color background variety is always appreciated
3.  You might wan to double the length that you need it covered, otherwise the place will be looking like someone is hanging his bed sheet. Always leave bundle pipe and drape to use.

4.  Find out what colors of drape are available to you.  Most of the time, rental places offer the basics; white, black, blue.  But you never know until you ask, so you may be surprised.  More and more vendors are expanding their selections.  We once did a little girl’s birthday party where we converted a garage into a candy shop.  It was a daytime event and we were leaving the garage door open, so we didn’t have a need for lighting, but we wanted something fun on the walls.  The client was thrilled to discover that pink and purple were available (at no extra cost)!

5.  You can use pipe and drape to create walls and sections in a big empty space, so you can design a cocktail hour lounge or separate areas for dining and dancing.  By simply changing the color of your lighting, each “room” can have a totally different vibe.

Speaking of cost, obviously it depends on your area of the country, but prices for pipe and drape start for as little as $1/ft (plus installation, if necessary).

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