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Discount Pipe and Drape for Sale from RK
RK pipe and drape is an easy and elegant way to mask unsightly areas, divide a room, provide a backdrop, and more! We have our own factory and massive production line, this ensures that we can procure all materials at much lower price than our competitors.

RK pipe and drape
RK pipe and drape

The complete pipe and drape systems includes: portable backdrop kit (Our backdrops have 8-14 ft. long telescopic drape supports, allowing you to resize your backdrops as needed), adjustable upright(3' - 5, 4' - 7', 5' - 8', 6' - 10', 7' - 12', 8' - 14', 9' - 16', 10' - 18', 11' - 20', 12' - 22', 13' - 24', 14' - 26', 5' - 11', 6' - 14', 7' - 17', 8' - 20', 9' - 23' etc), Telescopic Drape Supports/Crossbars, Base Plate, Curtain drape( Flame Resistant) and standard ... We promise all pipe drape products from RK are the most affordable in the industry

RK Pipe and Drape is the largest pipe and drape and other trade show displays equipment manufacturer in the world, We are committed to providing the most affordable products for all customers. If you'd like to receive a sales catalog by mail, contact us today (please include your postal address).

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