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Drapery hardware in a stainless steel
Classic metal rods, curtain rod brackets, and other drapery hardware are made of metallic. These drapery hardware products in any shade can be the perfect addition to any room. RK Pipe and Drape offers you Drapery hardware which in a stainless steel finish, it will never go out of style (meaning that you can use them for countless years to come, regardless of whether or not your other décor changes).

Drapery Hardware
Drapery Hardware

The size of upright:

1, Three piece upright

Three piece upright

2, Two piece upright

Two piece upright

The Telescopic crossbar:

Telescopic crossbar

The base plate

base plate

The special base plate

special base plate

Velvet Velour - Flame Resistant

Specification of curtain

These pipe and drape products, in addition, can also help users save a lot of money when they have to divide a space or make certain decorations. Pipe & Drape for sale in UK, Canada, California, Los Angeles, Chicago.

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